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Whether either one of you is committing online cheating, you should sit down and have a conversation about what you feel is appropriate online behavior for married people.Set some rules for yourselves, so you and your spouse know what crosses the line, and there's no question about right and wrong down the road.

In this article we will have a look at what the great minds of our time think about the future of AI. Would you like to have a phone number for your business in Moscow or Bangkok? Russia and Thailand are among the 20 new countries we start selling phone numbers during the first week of May.He or she might also be secretive when online by quickly switching web pages or closing email as soon as someone else walks into the room.If your spouse keeps online or cell phone activity a secret, then he or she could be having a virtual affair.2.Even if you don't know them all personally, do you know how your spouse knows them?Finding out about the people in your spouse's various social networks and how he or she uses social networking sites is never a bad idea. Obsession with Responding to Online Contacts Obsession with immediately responding to text messages, emails, and Facebook or Twitter messages is another sign that something fishy is going on.

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