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The new tailpipes are beautiful, and so are the carbonfibre side sill extensions.The typically Aston Martin side vents ahead of the front doors are rethought and beautifully expressed.Its claimed average economy is a reasonable 19.6mpg, but its emissions are a significant 335g/km of CO2.Driving the Aston Martin is easy, but far from trivial.Without them, it becomes fundamentally slow, whatever the power. Here we have an ideal front/mid-engined coupé with a slight rearward weight bias, midships seating for the front occupants and adjustable double wishbone adaptive suspension.The Aston Martin Vanquish has its 568bhp 6.0-litre V12 lowered by 19mm, and the overall result is the best road-going big Aston yet.This is a consummate demonstration of the refinement of a top-class ‘normal’ automatic, better governed than ever by new-era electronics for even faster gearshifts and quicker paddle responses.In its new double variable valve timing form, power climbs from 510bhp in the DBS to 568bhp, while 457lb ft of torque is available at 5500rpm.

They’re long but not particularly heavy and will remain open at any angle, aiding access.It bursts into life with a rather unnecessary, testosterone-driven blip.Select first via the six-speed automatic gearbox’s long-travel fixed paddle on the right and the car burbles smoothly, moving fluently through its gears even if you’re changing at 2500rpm while the engine warms.But the turret and window shapes tell you that this is still fundamentally a DB9.When you approach it to drive, the Vanquish is the most welcoming of cars.

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    (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)Somewhat overlooked in Facebook's announcement this week that it will launch a new dating service was CEO Mark Zuckerberg's repeated commitment to have 20,000 people screening the platform for unwelcome content by the end of this year.