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Although boating related fatalities have trended downwards in past years, there continues to be an average of over 100 boating related deaths annually in Canadian waters.

With people gearing-up to launch their boats after a long winter slumber, the goal of the week is to continue to bring those numbers down by ensuring that Canadians who head out in any type of boat have the appropriate knowledge to help them have a safe day on the water.

The Jane Miller was launched in 1879 on Manitoulin Island.

Cameron wrote a story about the ship, available on his website at

In response to this, at each of our launches, there will be media conferences put on by local and regional police to discuss emphasize the importance of not consuming ANY alcohol or drugs either before or while boating.They include: - Wear a Lifejacket - Boat Sober - Take a Boating Course - Be Prepared Both You and Your Vessel - Be Aware of the Risks of Cold Water Immersion To help media in communicating safe boating messages, short stories to be used as discrete articles and 30-second audio and video PSAs are available.They are easy to download and free of charge on the ca website. In addition to offering media ready materials, a number of activities are taking place during this year's campaign.American shipwreck hunters Jared Daniels, Jerry Eliason and Ken Merryman revealed their summer discovery to coincide with the anniversary of the Jane Miller's sinking Nov. The 24-metre package and passenger steamer went down with 25 people aboard, including the crew.The wreck was found in Colpoys Bay, an inlet of Georgian Bay leading to Wiarton on the east side of the Bruce Peninsula north of Owen Sound in Georgian Bay.

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