Sql updating multiple tables simultaneously

As they had so many servers to patch, they asked if I could write something to help (they do have patch management software, but didn't use it for SQL service packs of CUs).

I went ahead and wrote a small Power Shell snip which I share here which uses the For Each -parallel workflow which takes a list of servers and, on each one simultaneously runs the service pack.

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If not, based on the info below, what would you recommend? I need to split the data from the main table between the 2 tables. In looking at your post, it appears that you are copying the same data from your main table into the different tables.Drop me an email and I will promptly and gladly rectify it.Is it possible to have a single trigger on multiple tables simultaneously? I have many different tables in my databases which all have a "last_updated" field and it seems less tedious to be able to enforce updating this trigger database-wide using just one trigger.

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