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It was a hot day and Nick was drinking an iced tea, wearing silver chain bracelets and a loose button-down with Coco Breezy sunglasses tucked into the neck. It’s one of my favorite ads— young kids hanging out on cool vintage cars in sunsets. We went to Cuba and did a project together there recently. NO: Graphic design and branding was my first career.

I moved into photography eight or nine years ago and the podcast just happened a few years ago when I realized the expansive network I had of interesting and inspiring people.

In that interview, we focused on what you must do in life versus what everyone says you must do.

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After graduating from Vassar College, London started her career as a fashion editor at Vogue and transitioned into being a stylist for celebrities and designers.

With entrepreneurship and creativity radiating off of this photographer, artist, writer, and popular podcast host, it’s no surprise that this is his hangout spot.

We sat in the bar, abundant in velvet pillows and chairs. It was her actual real first commercial shoot for State Farm.

Kelly admitted that he and London are not exactly besties when the camera stops rolling."Stacy and I have worked so closely together for 10 years – ridiculously close – that we’re at a point where...” the 43-year-old says, trailing off for moment. There were some seasons where we just could not look at each other,” he adds before clarifying, “Actually, I feel like that was one season to be perfectly honest.”And now?

“We’re at this point where Stacy and I have evolved so much as people over the past 10 years – we really have learned so much about ourselves in the process of doing ‘What Not to Wear’ – that we have both come to a peace.

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