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The dreaded requests for your credit card don’t come unless you choose to upgrade your membership.

Upgrading your membership is a very reasonable $US 10 per month or for life.

It is really well-designed, very easy to navigate and the whole thing works very well.

As you use the site, you never get that feeling that you wished there were other options – everything you need is right there!

A number of people I know use the site as a means of meeting women for non-commitment fun, and in the words of one friend, a long time user, “the hit rate is very high”.

Given that a good number of the users are Bangkok based, it's easy to meet someone online and then take things to the next level quickly.

is not just a site for pursuing the opposite sex, but also to make friends.

Perhaps I should get in contact with him to redesign this site?!

Many of the women on the site are Bangkok based, speak good English and a number are what I would term “farang crazy”.

In all likelihood, farangs aren’t new to them, but they like farangs and they like to have At any one time there are approaching 300 people online on the Thailand Friends site, with a fairly even split of Western guys to Thai women.

The are many great things about the site, but best of all is that it is largely free.

Sign up for an account and you can start searching for women and contact them immediately.

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