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Last year, only 60 percent of those who sought medical care at the rape center at Sodersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm filed a police report, said Dr. “So we think it’s natural that only active participation should be interpreted as a yes.

Passivity cannot be read as consent.”Two new crimes — negligent rape and negligent sexual assault — have also been added to the criminal code, for instances when one party goes ahead with a sexual act without consent and where it should be obvious to the offender that consent was not given.

In reality, the majority of rapes occur within relationships or are so-called date rapes.

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Now, prosecutors will only have to show that consent was never given, the New York Times reported.

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In a country where the number of reported sexual offenses is on the rise, lawmakers hope the legislation will help change attitudes and curtail sexual assaults.“This is a modern legislation based on modern relationships,” said Sweden’s justice minister, Morgan Johansson.

“It should sit in the spines of every boy and man in Sweden that this is how it is.

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