Teacher dating another teacher

You might even be lucky enough to chat to a few of them.You want to garner first hand how the place is run and most importantly, whether you will be a good fit.I've heard of teary-eyed students standing up in the middle of class, pointing a finger in the teacher's direction and telling the cheating love rat - as well as the rest of the class - what they've got planned. The stories might well be urban myth but please - don't take any chances.I worked for a private language school years ago who put the following clause in teacher contracts (and I can remember it word for word) "If you find yourself falling in love with a student, please let us know, and we will do our best to find you alternative employment".

Sure, paying 3,000 baht a month for an apartment will leave you with plenty of disposable income but after you've endured a month of screaming babies, police raids, hoodlums fighting in the car-park and a whole list of social problems caused by low-income earners living five to a room, you'll be spending more and more time on outside entertainment to escape all the chaos. Take my advice - rent the best possible apartment you can afford.

If you think Thai students won't call you up ten minutes before the lesson is scheduled to start and give you some flimsy reason why they can't make it, then think again. Come up with whatever system suits you best - but be sure to come up with one.

If you fancy going down the freelance teaching route, then our freelance teaching article is well worth a look.

I'm constantly amazed by the number of employers who never make regular checks of their spam folder.

In short, Thailand's employers have earned themselves a rather poor reputation when it comes to communicating with teachers by e-mail - and I would certainly agree with that. Make phone calls and knock on doors because nothing will ever beat that direct approach.

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