The chernobyl accident updating of insag 1 Adult chitchat com

During the course of a safety system test being carried out just before a routine maintenance outage, Chernobyl 4 was destroyed as a result of a power transient on 26 April 1986.

The accident at Chernobyl was the product of a lack of safety culture.

In addition, they did not comply with operational procedures.

The combination of these factors provoked a nuclear accident of maximum severity in which the reactor was totally destroyed within a few seconds.

Some media had reported a seismic origin of the accident, however the scientific credibility of the paper at the origin of this rumour has been discarded.The minimum permissible ORM stipulated in the operating procedures was 15 rods.The test commenced at ; the turbine stop valves were closed and the four pumps powered by the slowing turbine started to run down.The unit 4 reactor was to be shut down for routine maintenance on 25 April 1986.It was decided to take advantage of this shutdown to determine whether, in the event of a loss of station power, the slowing turbine could provide enough electrical power to operate the main core cooling water circulating pumps, until the diesel emergency power supply became operative.

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