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and to the family of the Ranun- culaceae of Jussieu.Calyx permanent, composed of five or six broad leaflets, rounded, open, of a rose colour at first, becom- ing white as they expand, and resembling petals; five or more nectaria, called petals by some botanists, shorter than the calyx, in the shape of a funnel, or cone, with an irregular border, oblique, and as it were lipped : style sharp-pointed, curved a little outwards, the germens transforming themselves after their fecundation into as many compressed, oval, oblong 7 capsules, presenting at their extremities two keels, one short, and more rounded, the other more elongated, and terminating in a point : each capsule is a kind of follicule, opening only on one side : seeds round, attached to the opposite suture, which takes place of the placenta : flowers large, two inches in diameter, single, or placed two and two upon cylindrical stalks, simple or forked, appearing with the leaves : leaves large, radical, borne upon a petiole, equal at least to the stalk, divided at the top into seven or eight lobes, disposed in oblong pedals, serrated, pointed, of a brownish green, and leather-like ; roots composed of one short thick stump, from which proceed several blackish fibres, frequently covered with, a brownish down.00m 1 The Library of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine med'Ca' " : :;ty OF LONDON Accession Number Press Mark ( Digitized by the Internet Archive i in 2014 A GENERAL SYSTEM OF TOXICOLOGY #c.Unicum signum certxim dati veneni est notitia bolanica inventi veneni vegetabili?He who had eaten the most, and who before saw extremely well, no longer distinguished objects without the assistance of spectacles : they were cured by the distilled water of Juniper-berries/f* 4th.

de Venenatis Acidi Borussici in Animalia Effects bus.

The Clematites Vitalba, Flammula, Recta, and Integrifolia .

Scelanthus 2uadragonus, Forskalii, Glandulosus .... At the expiration of a quarter of an hour he passed a greenish stool : half an hour afterwards he vomited without any effort; these vomitings were repeated four times within the hour.

VU Page Cynanchum Erectum 82 Lobelia Syphilitica ibid.

Two hours afterwards the animal made violent efforts to vomit.

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