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meaning of or relating to Argentina)A side (n.); A-side (adj.)Astro Turfautocorrectautofill Auto-Tuneawards season, awards show (preferable to award) baby daddy, baby mama (two words)backseat (all forms)backstorybadmouth (v.)bandanabandmatesband names: Usually take a plural construction (The band is on tour; but Arcade Fire are playing tonight.).batshit BCE, CE (for before common era and common era; not BC, AD)beatboxer, beatboxingbeatdown (n.)Beautyblender Bernie Brosbest-seller, best-selling (e.g., the New York Times best-seller list)BFFbi-curiousbinge-watchbitchfacebitcoin (always lowercase)black girl magicblonde (adj.and n., all uses)Bloody Mary, Bloody Marysblow jobbocce ballbodycam (n., adj.), body camera (n.), body-camera (adj.)bodyweight exercises body slam (n.); body-slam (v.)bookbagbougie (adj.); bougiest (from bourgeoisie) boy band, boy-banderbread crumbs (for the food); breadcrumbs (for the computer-y term)breakdance (all forms), breakdancerbreastfeed, breastfeeding (one word, all forms)Britpopbro-downbro-ingbronybrunette (as adj.Generally, AP Style trumps Merriam-Webster, but any style point mentioned in this guide overrules those publications.

to describe things specific to the population Necco (not NECCO)nerdom Netflix and chill (n.

and v.)never mind News Feed (when referring to Facebook's News Feed); newsfeed, one word, in other referencesnews gathering New York magazine New Wave (for film genre); new wave (for music genre)nip slipnonprofit (as n. 1 for official rankings, like on music charts (except in quotes); spell out number one in all other uses (Tuberculosis is the number one cause of death in people living with HIV); #1 also acceptable informallynow: When referring to time, do not use a comma (I used to be completely terrified of heights. When used colloquially, use a comma (Now, I'd never say that all cats are awesome, but I've never met one who wasn't)n-word (style thusly; see more under Profanity)NYC "O Canada" (for both the national anthem and expressions)OB-GYNO-faceoffscreen (adv.

and adj.)offseason OG (no periods)oh man, oh my god, oh no (all OK without comma after Oh)Ok Cupidokurrr (three r's, but add more for intensity)ombréomega-3omeleton-again, off-againonboard: one word as a modifier (onboard entertainment), but There was a baby on boardon demand (lowercase, unless part of a service's official title) onesieonscreen (adv.

Con Edison, Con Ed (OK on second reference)copydeskcopyedit (v.)Craigslistcray-cray (as slang for crazy)creepshotcringeycrop topcrossfire Cross Fitcross-postcrow's-feet (n.)crowdfund (all forms)crowdsource (all forms)crowdsurfcueing (not cuing) d-bagdab, dabbing (dance move)dadbod (and similar constructions, one word for all forms)dancehall (music genre)Dark Web, Deep Webdashcamday care (two words)Day-Glo (trademark, used for fluorescent materials or colors); dayglow (airglow seen during the day)deadlift (one word, n.

and v.)deal breaker (two words)decadelong Deep Southdeepfake Deir ez-Zor (for the city in Syria)die-hard (adj.); diehard (n.)Disney Princess (for the brand/line of characters); Disney princess (when referring to a specific character from a Disney film)diss (meaning to disrespect)Division One, Two, etc.

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