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There is usually a yellow square or diamond seen in the viewfinder with two overlapping images.

You rotate the focusing ring until the two images merge together.

The camera and case are in good cosmetic and working condition. The Kodak Pony 35mm selling for .75 and the Argus A-4 selling for .50, both made in the United States, were similar to this German made Ansco Memar.

It is a nice, basic, yet serious, starter camera that is actually considerably better than many of the Instamatics of the 1960s and 1970s or the 35mm fixed focus cameras of the 1980s and beyond that were to follow. (1959) The original Agfa Optima, introduced in 1959, is the world's first camera with automatic exposure selecting both the aperture and shutter speed. The light meter is made of Selenium, an element which is sensitive to light.

Behind the focus ring is the shutter speed selection ring.

The aperture ring is behind that, closest to the camera. You set the shutter speed and aperture by estimation or a separate light meter.

It is therefore really the first programmed exposure mode camera!

The other article, Electric Eye indicates the lever stops the lens down to the correct aperture.

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Sears advertised the Memar as "simplicity and quality at a low cost." It is a simple, well built camera, with sufficient controls to take some serious photos.With autofocus, you just point at the subject and the camera focuses automatically. With all of these cameras the photographer views the image through a viewfinder which is not connected to the lens.The view through this viewfinder or window can hence be slightly different from the image that hits the film.This section contains over 70 still cameras from A to Z (Agfa to Zeiss Ikon) using 35mm film but not having single lens reflex viewing and focusing. The third way is rangefinder focusing which provides precise focusing. Often there are two, three or four distance zones often represented by icons to help the user.

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