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Word Perfect 14 (WP Office X7) for Windows does not support Unicode however. Star Office, Open Office and KWord support Unicode.

However, the Unicode editor Yudit (only plain text) is one of the best in contemporary Unicode support under Unix/Linux system.

A multilingual Unicode font (TTF, True Type font) for ancient languages: classic & medieval Latin, ancient Greek, Old Italic (Etruscan, Oscan, Umbrian, Faliscan, Messapic, Picene), Gothic, Iberian, Celtiberian, old & middle English, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Runic, Ogham, The Alphabetum Unicode font is the result of a personal interest dating back many years in the problems faced by classicists who need special characters to type ancient languages.

This font tries to solve, at least in some extent, this problem.

Pressing 'l' on the keyboard will produce a 'l' on the screen, non the Greek letter lambda, so some kind of utility is required to produce a Greek letter of any kind.

Fully aware of the difficulty to enter Unicode text and in order to facilitate the insertion of special signs (metrical symbols, Old English characters etc) I have created different templates (macros) to use under Word which provides an easy and suitable way to access directly to Old English characters (including Saxon typefaces variants) and metrical signs present in the ALPHABETUM font by using shortcut keys.

Among them, probably Mellel is the best and with a reasonable price. Recent versions of MS Word (MS Word 97, Ms Word 2000 /2002/2003/2007, 2010, 20) support Unicode (not MS Word 95 and earlier versions).

At the time of writing, Word 2004 is AT LAST Unicode compatible; however, does not support RTL direction of writing. Open Office for Windows supports Unicode very nicely.

I also provide a document in pdf format with information on how to install and use the templates (*files) and the list of keystroke combinations (shortcut keys) required to get the aforementioned specific characters on your PC.

If you are interested in these templates, please click on the following link to download them.

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