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At the time I thought it was strange thinking why didn’t they go straight into port?

” In his new book, The Silent Listener, Major Thorp wrote: “The findings of my final report stated the destination of the vessel was not to her home port as the Argentine Junta stated but the objective of the ship was to relocate to a prearranged RV within the exclusion zone.” Despite the report being read by Mrs Thatcher she never disclosed the information either in Parliament or elsewhere possibly because she did not want to reveal Britain’s eavesdropping capabilities.

Britain received international criticism after the sinking after the Argentine Junta announced that the warship had been returning to its home port and was outside the 200 mile exclusion zone imposed by Whitehall.

But Major David Thorp, who spent 34 years working as a signals expert in military intelligence, has disclosed for the first time that he was asked to carry out a trawl of all the intelligence on the sinking at the direct request of Margaret Thatcher a few months after the end of the war.

held at the American Airlines Theatre on Sunday (October 16) in New York City.

The 51-year-old actress was joined at the event by her co-stars Tavi Gevinson, Harold Perrineau, Joel Grey, John Glover, and director Simon Godwin.

Around Ascension Island, 4,000 miles from the Falklands, his team began picking up naval communications sent to the Argentine fleet which they were easily able to decipher.

“That morning we had picked up 10 grid references on intercepts and H looked at the map and realised that they were his own troops’ locations.

He said “bloody hell we are sharing the same hill as the enemy.’” “He wanted to know the strengths and weaknesses of the Argentines, then we looked at calibre of people on ground and he came to the conclusion that perhaps 600 Paras were worth 1,500 Argentines.” The intelligence gave the commanding officer the “peace of mind” to start the battle that would lead in his own death, a posthumous Victoria Cross award and ultimately victory in the campaign.

He was cast as a hipster in the 2014 film Love and Mercy. He previously dated Kim Smith and announced their break up through a song.

He played of Emma Stone's love interest in the film The House Bunny.

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