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When you first boot up a target system which has display device attached (e.g., AM335x, AM437x, and AM57x platforms), Matrix should be automatically started.Matrix can be either operated by touchscreen or mouse.There are two forms of Matrix, local and remote Matrix.All of the example applications and demos are available using either the local or remote version.

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This guide will show you how to complete the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick initial setup and get you to the home screen without updating the device’s software.But see the below image how it fetched 104MB in 3 Seconds?That’s because it is already cached in apt-cacher-ng server.While, we downloads any packages to install in any Debian/Ubuntu machines, If the package is available in apt-cache it will get from the apt-cache-ng server, if not it will fetched from internet to local repository for future use.In this article, we have seen how to setup a local cache server for apt packages using apt-cacher-ng, many people wants this setup to save their time and bandwidth.

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