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These sections have varying bus widths and read/write widths (e.g. ), and some sections are mirrored in memory at multiple points.There is also some extra complexity to this in reality, but this is the main structure that we'll need to build a basic GBA game.These typically consist of some ROM (to store instructions, read-only data, etc.), and some form of mutable storage (typically SRAM, Flash Memory, or EEPROM).As the Game Pak ROM is connected via a 16-bit wide bus, it makes sense to use 16-bit Thumb instructions rather than 32-bit ARM instructions most of the time in game code.Having never written code for anything other than 'regular' general purpose computers before, I've been wondering recently: how easy is it to write a Game Boy (Advance) game?For those unfamiliar, the Game Boy Advance (GBA) was a popular handheld games console produced by Nintendo (pictured below).On a tact switch you just put your wires diagonal from eachother.One side of the switch is one pole, and the other side is the other.

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All in all, Jackson did a wonderful job updating the 1989 Game Boy to at least 2003 (when the DS Advance came out.) Kudos to Jackson for pulling it off.

So far the project has been pretty straightforward. A truly wise man can entertain a thought without accepting it.

)I'm currently working on a project to input the internal workings of my GBA SP into my Gameboy Original case.

On the SP, just rip off the tact switches, each one has 4 contacts, two ground, and two button signal. A truly wise man can entertain a thought without accepting it.

Someone who wants to innovate simply needs to forget what everyone says isn't possible. Switches aren't polarized, they're just connecting wires.

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