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what happens if the price is so expensive or they change the rules..Anyone else have any more information on these guys? We are really happy with ii Net, not just their prices but their reliability, and there's no way we'd change providers if we had the choice.

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Im surprised they didn't use Telstra or iinet or someone big in Perth to push fibre into the WA based states.

Just makes it easier to get through what you've got that much quicker. That works out to about 17.5% of the quota we've gotten used to here at ii Net.

My upload only netted 0.8Mbps, but how many really care a lot about upload speed? Just means you'll be seeing me a lot more here on the forums, because I'm not going to be able to be doing much else :) Seems a bit low to be honest im getting 8-9Mbps now at 3kms (3.5kms by cable guesstimate) from the exchange.....

We have heard that some residents have elected to use Vivid Wireless – does anyone have any feedback on their coverage/speed/service? Sounds like they're our only real option, at least for the near future.

What would you rather have, fast but unstable, or slower, but reliable? Sounds a bit odd as other companies such as Opticomm are also fibreing estates and as they have an "open" network any ISP can get access to the residences in those estates, they just have to do a deal with Opticomm. fibre connected communities So either they have not approached any ISPs, they want to charge far to much to the ISPs so the IPs can't be bothered, or they have some weird system that is just too difficult to interconnect too.

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