Updating to windows 6 1

This update for the Samsung SCH-i760 (Verizon Wireless) flashes the handheld's ROM with a new image which updates the operating system to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, adds You Tube video support, and fixes a number of issues with the previous ROM version.

This update for the Alltel Touch (HTC) flashes the handheld's ROM with a new image, version 3.04.671.2. A support and contains software updates and add-ons including Bluetooth performance improvements, system-wide stability and performance enhancements, and new video message options.

You can also enter your own Windows 10 Pro key manually if you want to avoid the fee, or simply proceed by clicking the upgrade button.

Windows 10 will then ask if you’ve saved all your files, and then prepare to switch the PC over to Windows 10 Pro.

Please carefully read details on the linked download page to be sure that the download applies to your Windows Mobile handheld and to make note of any changes which might occur to your device once installed.

If you're looking for 3rd Party software downloads for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices, click here.

The listings below are [1] official software updates for the Windows Mobile Operating System (ROM updates), [2] driver or software updates for specific Smartphones, Pocket PCs or PDA Phones, and [3] updates to software connected to the operation of Windows Mobile handhelds.

At the bottom of the dialogue box, follow the “see how” link where it says “Still want to install apps from outside the Store?

” This link will open the Windows Store to a new page that offers to switch to Windows 10 Pro, and offers a comparison between 10 S and 10 Pro.

This update also adds ZIP file support in File Explorer. This update for the AT&T 8525 replaces the Windows Mobile 5 operating system with the new Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS.

NOTE: This download will no longer be available for download after February 1, 2008.

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