Updating twitter from cell phone rubidium strontium dating meteorites

You are only allowed to have a phone number, in this case my cell phone, configured for one Twitter account.

So to accomplish my goal of splitting out the technical tweets from the personal tweets I needed to move my cell phone over to the new account.

Follow the below instructions to move your mobile phone number from one Twitter account to another Twitter account.

If the other Applets appeal to you, and you want a Twitter client, maybe this software is for you.

There are bugs in application (not saving credentials in Shared Object, bad graphics, bad user-interaction (UI, soft-key-mapping).

I would post the code later after fixing/cleaning.”Twitter asks that you verify your Jabber, Gtalk and Live Journal chat addresses, just to make sure that you’re you.

And like a number of geeks, I carry several mobile Internet devices at all times.

So I gave as many mobile Twitter clients/services a try, and here’s what I’ve found. The author tests on an HTC Ty TN II (AT&T 8525) and a Samsung Blackjack, but he has tried to make it Smartphone friendly.

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