Ussr brides dating

The most important thing for me is that my beloved man would be happy beside me.

I believe that in every person as well as in relationship everything should be harmonic and I always strive for it Smile)Hello my dear soul mate! You will be my King who will always feel being loved.

I would like to know a lot of cultures, customs and religions. I am from a well-provided family that is why I am studying and not working for now.

I'm an active person and at the same time romantic. I want to study languages and to move abroad, when I was a young girl I used to visit my grandmother who was living in Italy. My sexual experience is not so big, because I had only one man in life, my ex husband, after marriage i gave a bitth to children and had to take care of them and didnt have time for private life.

what can I do with my desire to be special and unique))??

I is very difficult to know me) I am person who you won’t be able to predict..

Flame_and_Ice, Affectionate kitty, wild tigress, timid bunny or a brave she-wolf? They all characterize the different sides of my personality. I am a creative person full of fantasy and bright ideas! I will fulfill your routine with bright emotions and feelings!

At home I will be your tigress and will make your dreams come true. The most important is what we have inside and I do believe that real true love can live forever! I won’t tell you cause you have to find it out yourself if you are really interested and serious but honey..

I am kind, cheerful, open-minded, caring, feminine, love children and good people around. I'm calm but cheerful person and I don't like to quarrel with anyone. [email protected], I am very honest lady, who knows life in all its colors, and tasted not just sweet life – but I know what is mean to be poor, hungry, to feel myself like ugly duck between super girls , and of course I tasted beautiful life – with money, and expensive restaurants – but it’s time to change everything and be serious! Being an optimist by nature makes, it a little easier to survive the ups and downs, which life brings us sometimes.

I want to be called “wife” – to feel what is mean to be loved! I am a positive lady with a cheerful attitude to life.

My life motto - I was born for love, so I want to find my soul mate, to love and be loved. Maybe I should add that I am self-build girl with a lot of drive to life! Perfect day for me begins with a cup of hot coffee.

My family could not support me and everything I have is a result of my hard work, I am not scared of getting my hands dirty and I know that money does not grow on the tree! I like pets despite the fact that I don't have one.

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