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Went to work for Pan Am in 1960 at the Yuma Proving Grounds then in 1965, still with Pan Am, at the Nuclear Rocket Development Station at Jackass Flats NV. Comments: My dad Jack Ledbetter worked for ITT (I think) around 1966 on the Vanguard. THE OLD PAN AM MAILROOM STILL THERE, THO LOOKING UNUSED.

When that project ended in the Early 70's and still with Pan Am I went to work at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Comments: BACK FROM THE RANGE RAT REUNION AT JIM IRBY'S SPREAD NEAR HAWTHORNE. I am looking for any information about my dad during this period. THE DISH SITE JUST TO THE SOUTH STILL ACTIVE, WELL MAINTAINED.

I'm going to write a story for my web page specifically on the sinking incident. A couple of weeks ago Tom Mc Call RCA/GE/CSR Communications Downrange and Cape Canaveral AFS, Communications Test Operations Analyst passed away. In the comm center where we ran Morse code traffic to other station and ships, did some air traffic control, handled some classified documents and played with Sammy the meanest tom cat that ever lived.

This past Thursday Ron Burke RCA/GE/CSR Communication Ships and Cape Canaveral AFS, Communications Network Operations passed away. My closest friends were Ellis Berger, Ray Kuhlman and Sonny Settles.

My father, Major Raymond Ohlhues was the base commander then.

I have since returned only once (in 2005)and was so saddened by the condition not only of the base but also Hatchet Bay. from Doe Beadle, the wife of Dale Beadle that Dale has passed away...---------------so sorry to say my beloved husband, Dale Beadle, of 41 years died October 16, 2016. He would want all of his RANGE RAT friends to know.

(Not drinking and driving)I miss the place but no way I will ever be back.More new cars, cruise ships, and a Margaritaville Caf on the south end. Gerry worked for me at the GBI Weather Station late fifties ,early sixties . He went on to get a college degree , then returned to this area and coached high school football for many years . Comments: I was with Bendix Nasa on ascension 1966 1967. MR Wainwright was island admin and had a lovely daughter Deborah. Celebrating my 50th Ann of arrivaland establishment of Ascension Hist Soc and Ft. RAF now has base, BBC contracted out, C&W foreign owned, Ascension Is Government operational a coupe of years and yes, Ascension now has it's own flag would you believe.Staying in Georgetown this visit and hope to have Wi Fi conn. Doug Comments: My good friend and old range rat Jim Velia passed this week.I would not trade my experiences and that career for anything, plus still happily married to the same wonderful love of my life. What a privilege to follow after the trail-blazers of the ER space program! Hope the future generations make you as proud of us as we are of you.My best to al the "old range rats" that are still around. The dedication, creativity, adventures, and camaraderie of the pioneers that built the range. Comments: I lived on the Hatchet Bay plantation, Eleuthera in 1961 - 1962.

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