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Read More The African continent faces many challenges: weak or absent education systems, food insecurity, political conflict, water and hygiene issues, and of course, health crises such as the 2014 Ebola outbreak.Relief International partners with communities in east and west Africa to address the immediate...Recording artist, actress and personality who rose to fame with the television.Still like sitting cool air and enjoy spending some quality time with loved ones currently in the company.Let’s hope the legacy of this case is that victims feel empowered to come forward, knowing that it can truly make a difference in bringing perpetrators to justice.” - Scott Berkowitz Learn More Every April, the country recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM).This year, SAAPM took place amid a national conversation about sexual harassment and assault sparked by the #Me Too movement.

The region is prone to earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters that can threaten already fragile political and economic environments.

Learn More RAINN's Policy Action Center lets you connect directly with lawmakers.

Send a tweet, write an email, and let legislators know what matters to you.

Humanitarian aid is a cornerstone of RI’s role in Asia. Our Middle East programs address the immediate and long terms needs of people forced from their homes and the communities that welcome them.

We work in refugee camps, urban centers and remote, hard-to-reach areas, bringing our integrated approach to health, clean water and sanitation, education and...

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