What does validating identity mean for wireless connection port orange christian dating

Once all that is done can you then wait about 2 minutes and see if you can connect your wireless machines using the password XXXXX just set and see if you can get online and then test your speed. Still only getting half speed through the wireless router. Ok, lets try updating the firmware on your router to the latest version, To do this can you use one of the machines that can connect to the router and internet and go to the Linksys website here once there can you enter your routers model number then hit the arrows to continue and enter the model version which will be on the label on the bottom.

When the download page opens can you download the latest firmware and save it to your desktop. When the second Linksys died I went to a more expensive 0 model, which is where we're at now.

If you have already setup security and setup a unique name skip those parts.

To do this can you go to a machine that can get online through the router using a hardwire then click Start and then Run and in the Run box can you type CMD then hit enter to open a DOS window. In the wireless security I put my 10 digit phone number in the Key 1 box.

However, When using the wireless router, the speed drops to around 3 to 4 GB. Ok, If you have a lot of networks around you then there is a good chance they are all set to default and probably interfearing with your connection, so what we need to do is change the mode and channel assignment on your router to see if we can get you a cleaner signal.

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Thankswell, we don't have any land lines, just cell phones. We had a VOIP phone in the past, but that's been gone for several years.

Once that is saved can you then click the Wireless Security link under the Wireless tab and then choose the type of security you wish to use such as WEP then choose 64bit and enter a 10 digit number in the Key1 box (if in doubt just use your 10 digit phone number with area code) then save your changes. I changed the mode to Wireless G only and changed the channel to 1.

After it has saved can you then go back to the wireless window and choose Wirless G only for the Wireless Mode then change the Standard Channel to 1 or 11 and save your settings. Saved settings and restarted computer - ran speed test from 3 different sources.

Thanks Ok, You should get a certian number 1 digit below where you get the packet fragmented message so if you try 1473 and it fragments but 1472 gets a reply the 1472 is the magic number.

Let me know what it is for wired and wireless Thanks Ok, That is correct.

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