Who is amy sedaris dating

Although uncertain of what role she would play in a prison environment, Sedaris keeps a straight face when she says that any job there would have fascinated her. Mostly, I'll just try to listen to my friends, and they'll say the same thing over and over again," she says with an impish grin.

As for a career in social work, her explanation is simple -- she likes listening to other people's problems. Being "there" for friends doesn't mean she can't bust their chops, though.

"I always got along with all types of people -- popular people as well as drug addicts." Throughout her life, she always had her older brother to confide in.

While she was a resident, it wasn't all hanky-panky and sketch comedy, though -- Sedaris was also taking time out to write plays with her brother David.But right now, she is focused on making her CD shelves the very best they can be.I always find something to keep me busy," says Sedaris, who has the lithe frame of a gymnast but the appearance of a do-it-yourselfer -- the handy man's waist pouch, denim skirt, and paint-smeared palms.In high school, she never had that cushion to fall back on."I didn't have girlfriends like that," Sedaris says, pointing out that although she never had really close friends, she could talk to anyone.

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