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In his late teens, Mosleus was conscripted into the Roman army, who were intent on conquering Translyvania.

During the conquest, Mosleus was unfortunately bitten by a vampire and became of one the undead.

True to form he found a punter gullible enough to part with cash money for said item & thus his 1st business venture was founded & only came to a halt some years later when Lotusman inadvertently died just before the police got involved.

Hitler’s influence rubbed off on Mosleus, especially his pre-occupation for Germans winning everything.

After Germany finished as runners up in WWII, Mosleus was forced into hiding once again, not re-appearing until the early 1960’s, this time under the guise of Max(imus) Rufus Mosley.

Dinosaur is almost usually shadowed by his colleauge Maxmius Mosleus.

Mosleus was born in AD73 somewhere on the outskirts of Rome into an impoverished family.

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