Who is ciara dating

Ciara lives with Hope and Bo the first couple of years of her life before living with Hope, Doug and Julie after her mother and father separate for a short while.Ciara's parents have since reunited and separated again. Ciara had a scuffle with a boy named Chase Jennings at school.Ciara was originally born on December 29, 2006 but her birthday was changed to July 16, 2004 then March 18, 1998. Patrick reveals her true paternity before being arrested.Ciara's name was selected by fans in an online poll.Sadly, Aiden tried to kill Hope and was later killed in a scuffle with Bo.Ciara did her best to support Chase, but she wanted her parents to get back together.

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You can be the queen of the ball today and have cake in your face tomorrow!

When she eventually learns that she is pregnant, a classic "Who's the daddy? Hope had been to Morgan Island with Patrick Lockhart where, in a moment of weakness, she had found comfort in his arms.

Tests were run and it was "determined" that Hope's unborn child was Patrick's.

I’ve seen several women act like that after securing a ‘Mrs.’ title 😂 — Dark Skint Dostoyevsky (@daniecal) January 21, 2018 Ciara can't talk shit. [Image via Twitter.] Tags: ciara, controversy, gotta have faith, john gray, level up, love line, marriage, oops!

The ONLY reason she's married is because of love that wasn't reciprocated by the aint shit niggas that she actually wanted, so she had to settle for the simp ass good guy. John is literally giving license for men to treat women badly bc they aren’t "wife material" What happened to you was wrong, but it wasn’t bc of you having a "girlfriend" spirit and not one of a "wife" https://t.co/Ed MNDr978w — George M Johnson (@Iam GMJohnson) January 21, 2018 Me: *is rooting for Ciara to win* Ciara: Y’all females need to act like a wife and not a girlfriend so you can get a man Me: pic.twitter.com/Vj Pfn T4Pe F — Hyphy Wifey (@Dope Chubby Chick) January 21, 2018 Ciara’s playing a dangerous game.

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