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The most common reasons are: incorrect card number; incorrect password; incorrect expiry date, the address does not match credit card statements; the card is blocked for e-commerce use: and the cardholder has exceeded or is close to the credit card limit.Please contact your credit card company for more information.At Front Runner Professional, we have the highest level of online security in place to keep your information safe.A: In order to modify your Memorial Candle, please email [email protected] include the following information: Funeral Home Name: Deceased Name: Date of Purchase: Receipt Number: Your Name: Your Email Address: Once the information is received, your order will be changed and confirmed within 2 business days.Click Here A: Internet Secure, the credit card processing company that manages the online credit card transactions, declined your transactions.Even though your credit card company may have approved, the transaction must still be approved by both companies.This is usually caused by incorrect information submitted during the purchasing process.

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A: You can purchase a Memorial Candle without a valid email address, however your receipt will be emailed to the address entered.

Your credit card will show the transactions, however the additional ones will be refunded and shown on your statement within 72 hours.

Please Note: Front Runner Professional DOES NOT process any credit card transactions.

A: The funeral home determines with the family the preferred method (if any) of notifications.

Families are able to login to the Book of Memories where they can see all updates. A: Internet Secure is attempting to approve your purchase but your credit card company is declining the transaction.

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