Who is constance marie dating

The county of Castile was originally only one of the local districts administered under the kings of Asturias, but the name was gradually extended to the entire area.

Ibn al-Athir records that Fruela I King of Asturias (so dated to the 760s) took control of Lugo, Portucale, Salamanca, Zamora, vila, Segovia y Castilla Martnez Dez indicates that this passage represents the earliest mention of Castilla in history, although he concedes that Ibn al-Athir may have updated texts written in the 9th or 10th century by substituting the term which described the area when he compiled his own work (in the mid-13th century).

The relation that Constance and Kent shared was very strong and taken as an outstanding bond.

But looks like there is something they want or their fate wants.

Soon after, Constance and Kent fell in love with each other and started their official dating since 2000.

Right after dating for short period, the couple got engaged.

The same source records that Didacus filius Ruderici erat comes in Castella during the reign of Alfonso III King of Asturias, dated to 882, while Vigila Scemeniz was comes in Alava and attacked Castile and arrived at castrum...

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In October 2007, she launched her own clothing line, "The Constance Marie Collection".The couple got separated after being together for 15 long years. The couple along with their baby girl was leading a very happy family life.Even though the couple was in a live-in relationship with their child, the couple was not married.The couple had always been calm and was never seen to be in hurry to tie the knot.But before they couple tied the knot, sadly the relation ended.

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