Who is ian somerhalder currently dating 2016

But we have we have to wonder, did Nina Dobrev realize she wanted Ian Somerhalder back?And on the career front, did Dobrev realize she hasn’t had much success scoring roles on television or in movies since walking out the door at TVD?

Dobrev even got domestic and baked a cake and other goodies for Stowell. No one knows yet, and if Nina and Austin have split there will probably be the standard old standby about how much Dobrev and Stowell love and respect each other and will remain friends, blah, blah, blah.Is it possible that Nina is headed back to the CW show and also into Ian’s arms?If Nikki Reed wants to stay married to Ian Somerhalder than Nina Dobrev’s reported breakup with Austin Stowell must have the “Sleepy Hollow” actress very nervous.Your patience is inexhaustible, your desire to inspire, immeasurable.You shine brighter than any light I have ever seen.'She continued: 'Your capacity to inspire everything you come in contact with is indisputable.

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