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:-) Many items are out of print or at least hard to find now, but things are often sold on the e Bay auction site (search under "Labyrinth").

That's where I got most of the things listed here that I didn't buy during the period when the movie was originally playing.

Labyrinth: The computer game: By Lucasfilm Games and Activision Entertainment Software, for the Apple II and Commodore 64/128.

This image has been sent to and may also be seen on The Jennifer Connelly fan page.

A rare copy of a proof that the album cover was designed and printed from may be seen here.

A special two sided promo poster for Underground may be seen here and here.

Various pieces of memorabilia from the movie Labyrinth are in the background. I've acquired a good collection of Labyrinth movie memorabilia over the years.

Girl in maze: The graphic at the top of the main Think Labyrinth page is a crude rendition based on a picture, specifically the one in the crystal ball on the cover of the Labyrinth novel based on the film by A. As far as I know I have the largest collection in the world.

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