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But the book's salacious little tips and hints for mistresses suggest something else altogether.Why, for example, does Symonds offer this advice on preparing a romantic evening meal for mistresses lacking in culinary skills: "Aim to practise some extra special sexual techniques in the bedroom afterwards.She worked for a company leasing luxury Mayfair apartments. celebrity" - she won't say who - and she began travelling back and forth between London and Los Angeles.Many of their clients were wealthy Middle-Eastern businessmen and celebrities, and Symonds found herself regularly jetting around the world on business. The relationship collapsed, but in 2003, she moved to LA and took a job as a business developer for a company manufacturing water features for hotels. I've never, ever loved a man like I loved him."Now where have we heard all this gush before?"I'm tired of seeing fabulous women waste themselves on affairs with cheating, insincere, cowardly losers," she says. And from her own point of view, she is certain she will never again play the role of mistress following the end of what, she says, was her final affair last year."I am reformed," she says, and adds that writing about her reformation has been the most empowering thing she has ever done."I would rather be alone than ever again have to face the utter loneliness a mistress feels in an affair." On the face of it then, a commendable - if rather late - Damascene conversion.There is talk of a TV series - a well-known British actress is apparently in talks to play her - and then there's the 'Having An Affair' brand fragrance and even a range of 'Having An Affair' wines all due to be launched in America in the nottoodistant future.

Sarah Symonds also does advertisements for the dating website Ashley She won't say how many affairs she has had over the years - only that two were serious and left her heartbroken - but points out that she was caught up in a world where it was acceptable "to be married and have 20 mistresses". It was during a fundraising event at the House of Lords that she met Lord Archer, then running for Mayor of London, and embarked on a brief affair which was later exposed in a Sunday newspaper.I point out it was also a world where high-class prostitution was a way of life. She tries to airbrush him away with the words "big mistake", adding with a laugh: "He's not the only one who's an author now, anyway."Over the next couple of years, her career moved towards PR.Not surprisingly for a woman who once shared a bed with Jeffrey Archer, Sarah Symonds doesn't have a lot to recommend from her time as a mistress.Much of it was spent in isolation, alone in a luxury Westminster apartment - "my ivory palace" - paid for by another of her multi-millionaire lovers.

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