Who is wyclef jean dating

Nevertheless, he agrees to the proposition; he and Clef shake hands.

The washer says, "One love," as the light turns green and the car lurches forward. ""Caribbean people love country music and Eighties music," he informs everyone in the car.

He's lying; behind his gruff beard, there's a babyface grin.

If he can't hide from the spotlight, at least he can share nine-year-old nelust Wyclef Jean arrived in New York, he didn't speak a word of English. Sometimes he thinks in English but speaks in Creole; sometimes it's the other way around.

The concert is a quick tour through , showing off how Wyclef can handle any genre, both as a vocalist and as a guitarist.

He'll stir up some hoopla, but claims he doesn't really like the limelight; he says he was as surprised as anyone when his 1997 solo debut, , a guided tour of Caribbean sounds, went double platinum. "I always did obscure stuff so I could be like Ben Harper playing in the clubs." As he tells it, he then decided to shift into production to keep a lower profile – but soon after, songs he wrote and produced for Whitney Houston ("My Love Is Your Love") and Santana ("Maria Maria") became smash hits. Wyclef gets on a makeshift stage in front of a crowd of 300, ranging from grandmothers to toddlers.But what everyone really wants to know about is the Fugees.Wyclef has spent much time and effort lately broadcasting the fractured state of the Fugees, starting with the second cut on , "Where Fugees At?According to Wyclef, their covert romance came around the time of The Score, in the middle of Wyclef's twelve-year marriage.(He's still married; Hill has since started a family with Rohan Marley.)Beyond Buffalo Springfield: A History of Short-Lived Reunions Today, however, Wyclef wants to cool things down, so over and over he tells the camera crews that everything's fine with the Fugees: He spoke with Pras a few days ago and will be talking with Hill soon.

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