Women dating blue collar men corset dating

Just because my jobs more hands on, it doesn't mean I'm not cultured - just means I've found a way of making money doing something I'm spectacularly good at.

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You only get to wake me up in the middle of the night once before I get too irritated to deal with that crap.

I never use someone's job as an estimation of their worth or intelligence.

I'm married but most "blue collar" tradesmen I know make way more than any "white collar" professions, by a land slide.

As an educated, articulate woman who works a "blue-collar" job, I'd have to agree.

A lot of blue collar work is sporadic or seasonal or has schedules other than 9-5 M-F, and when I date guys who've never worked a 9-5, they have a hard time understanding my schedule.

I'm always getting texts at PM on weekdays asking me to come to the bar and shit like that, and I'm usually asleep at 10 because I get up at 6.

Pretty much any ticketed trade in Canada or many parts of the US if the worker is willing travel.

Specificaly I'm a journeyman crane operator (IUOE).

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