Women who like dating crossdressers

The mind can't handle it and causes rash decisions like divorce and disowning the loved one. Are you attracted to women that want to dress, look, and act like men? Thats just mysoginistic MF CDr thinking women are crossdressing (or getting to wear male clothing). I mean you, are YOU attracted to a woman that has a mans haircut, very masculine clothes, wears fake facial hair, binds her breasts so she appears flat chested, puts something in her pants to look like male genitals, tries to walk, act, and talk like a man?

We can talk about ways to bring it up, or just chat about it in general–getting things off your chest (no pun intended), even, and sometimes especially, with a stranger can be surprisingly gratifying. I have close bonds with many of my long time crossdressing callers and there’s always room for one more! For full disclosure, I’m a dominant woman and I date alpha-males, but that’s why I so thoroughly enjoy the friendship of my sweet and sassy crossdressing girlfriends!

Hello Everyone , As you can see , I am relatively new here and am just finding my way around the forum at the moment One question I do have though is this....

Do women and , in particular , straight women actually like crossdressing because , to be truthful , I have never actually met one that does awwww Sure , they may make allowances if there husband or boyfriend enjoys wearing however , in their heart , do you like it or simply put up with it , if they happen to love the person they are with and who is and always has been a crossdresser , maybe even before they met them ?

In my mind I thought no not you but am I the freak for becoming excited over it. I told another member recently when she questioned what kind of magical force was on us GG's who accept and enjoy CDing SO's. It is nice to hold their interest for a while though.

That was a little over 9 months ago and I can truly say I thoroughly enjoy his hobby!! My response was basically that there was unfortunately no magic over us.

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