Words with friends updating games forever

Given Zynga's ongoing interest in buying studios for their users as much as or more than their game properties, it's clear that these two decisions were central to making Newtoy an appealing acquisition target for the social game Godzilla.

Since becoming Zynga With Friends, the studio has released three new "With Friends" games: , but that answer is somewhat obvious: hits are rare and hard to predict, and previous performance doesn’t guarantee future success.

It's been eight years since Words With Friends first graced our mobile devices, forever changing the way that we interact with friends and loved ones on the interwebs.

The introduction of an easy-to-use digital board game to our lives enabled us to communicate in a turn-based fashion, messaging only when there was something to say and keeping a connection that was low-stress and easy to maintain.

The world has changed immensely since 2009, but the game, which boasts a whopping 57 million active matches at any given time, has largely remained the same — that is, until now. 8, Zynga officially launched the second version of the much-loved game: Words With Friends 2.

It's a separate app — so if you were waiting for your WWF app to update, you'll be waiting for quite a while — and while it retains the form of the game we all loved so much when it was first released, it also adds a couple huge updates that make it a brand-new experience that brings the brand to the forefront of 2017.

Download and play the NEW Words With Friends 2 today!

Newtoy not only made its app load quickly, but also allowed users to start a game just by entering another player's username. Over time, has added many more layers of UI and registration, but did so after gaining enough users and mindshare that the network effect helped overcome a bulkier experience.And let's also imagine that the social network facilitating most of your business was also taking a hammering on Wall Street.Imagine too that analysts had suggested that an underdeveloped and under-executed mobile strategy was cause for worry among investors in both cases.Imagine that you were a big game studio that had built your business around free-to-play social network games.Say that you had recently gone public, but your stock was down sixfold from its IPO price.

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