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[Monologue, on stage] Jerry: It seems like whenever these office people call you in for a meeting, the whole thing is about the sitting down. You know, we've been sitting here for I don't know how long. [Jerry and George enter Jerry's apartment] George: Boy - I'm really surprised at Elaine - that whole phone business - she should know better than that. If you are thinking of instituting an open-door urination policy, let me disabuse you of that notion right now, my friend. That's even worse than your cell phone walk-and-talk. The only thing I watch is Xena the Warrior Princess. [George is telling his parents the news.] Estelle: They picked up the show? Frank: Oh baby-doll, this kid's going places, I told you. Kimbrough: Or we could not do the show altogether, how about that?

Jerry: If he says he doesn't want it to be a show about nothing, don't go nuts. Jerry: He might want a show about anything and everything. Jerry: Well it's probably just easier to say "water cooler show" than "coffee machine show." George: It's really not accurate. Kimbrough: Anyway, Stu here started telling me about a show, "Jerry", that he developed five years ago. Something that would have people talking at the water coolers. George: See, I think people would talk about it at the coffee machines. So, I saw the pilot and I've got to tell you - I flipped out. It's like a weapon that thing, got spikes on the end. When I took over here last month, I reviewed what was in development,and it was pretty much same old, same old. Nobody drinks from a water cooler any more - they use bottles.

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