Wowprogress not updating achievements

Someone had posted a comment to that effect on Wo WProgress's site Ucan Do Sht, said "site seems dead" and someone else had responded saying "looks that way".They were up for 4-5 days before they got removed today, seems they just don't want to respond to people's questions about the achievements not working but don't want anyone commenting about it. It's just wowprogress I think, the majority of the people at the top are still showing pre-7.0 achievement point totals, while some others are showing the new reduced amount even though if you go to the armory of some of the top people they now have less than the people who were bumped below them because wowprogress hasn't updated everyone's totals. I've emailed them at least half a dozen times with no response, they also started removing all the comments off their site of people talking about it.

I don't quite get how the server pet score ranking works.Besides; this is Wowprogress we're talking about; even if all they do is his suggestion of tracking max-level Pv P wins you know Wowprogress is going to blow that up to mean something it doesn't in terms of 'Pet Score'.To update Pet Score on wowprogress you must update your MAIN profile and when I say "main" profile it's not what you probably think is your "main" character, it's what wowprogress show you as main character.Check that there are at least 7 players (11 players for Mythic! If you checked 1-4 AND characters progression in is up-to-date and Wo WProgress still not updating, please send us email to admin[at] My runs for BRH and Neltharion's Lair last night have updated, but not Lower Karazhan or Maw of Souls from 2 days ago.

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