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Most photographs show the style W, with a spring tensioner. Ghegan became president and introduced many electrical innovations. Bunnell continued producing telegraph equipment through 1988 for Mexico and other Latin American countries. As one of the country's main telegraphic manufacturers, examples of Bunnell telegraph equipment can be found displayed in the Smithsonian's Museum of American History, various railroad museums, and other communications museums.

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Becoming a messenger boy at age 11, subjected to cannon fire, long hours, hunger, and privations, he nevertheless found time to stand up for better pay, witnessed a wired observation balloon ascension, played practical jokes and earned the respect of the generals and colleagues with whom he worked. By age 11, Jesse was delivering telegraph messages and at 13 he was a full-fledged telegraph operator serving at offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia from 1859-61.

Bunnell, in association with Horace Martin (another famous name in telegraph equipment and founder of the Vibroplex Company) produced these bugs.

At one point in time, the Bunnell Company also sold Vibroplex keys. II, they continued to supply the military through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War period. Bunnell Flame Proofs have "CJB-26003A" stamped on them. In the 1890's, Bunnell introduced fully functional miniature versions of their keys, sounders, and KOBs (key on a board) selling them as tiepins or with a bale for use as a watch fob.

Later, as telegraph operators were recognized for their importance, they got merit raises, more regular transport and improved supplies.

Later, however, a group of operators in one area of the war threatened to resign unless pay was raised to 0 per month.

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